Gore Bay – Cathedral Cliffs

A gardener’s paradise. This small community is situated at the side of a beautiful sheltered bay. Safe swimming, surf boarding and skin diving are some of activities to be enjoyed here.

The bay was named by Captain Cook after one of his officers on the Endeavour in 1769. The oldest cottage at Gore Bay, built in 1866, is still in existence and can be seen from the road.

To get to Gore Bay take the road to the east at the crossroad in Cheviot. It is 8 kms. to the bay.

Cathedral Cliffs

Cathedral Cliffs

There is also a scenic reserve with a walk way at the base of the “Catherdral Cliffs” and a view point of these eroded cliffs on the south of the bay.

There is a beautiful coastal walk you can make to Shag Rock. You may see some young Fur Seal Bulls on your way. To get there you need a low tide, walk from Gore Bay to the north over the beach, it takes about 4 hours for a return walk.